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Become a NARBREW Taste Tester

A few weeks ago we had our first public tasting and had a great response to our beer. We’ve always known our beer is awesome, but it was nice to have some outside opinions. Now we’d like to delve deeper into public opinion. As we fine tune our recipes and brewing techniques we’d like to […]

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Mad Elf Fest V: Narbrews on Tap

Our fifth annual Mad Elf Fest Christmas party has come and gone leaving us all with beautiful memories of a party with our friends.  Unfortunately because of the keg of the very potent Troegs Mad Elf Ale we were all sharing, we’ll only be able to remember the beginning of the party.  Surprisingly it wasn’t […]

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Narbrew article on

Last Tuesday while brewing the first of our Christmas deliciousness we had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ashley Nguyen from as part of their neighborhood feature.   We talked as we cooked and although I thought we were clearly boring Ashley with beer speak, she sat and scribbled with a smile.  Tonight we were […]


SHP Green Bullet

Single Hop Project: Green Bullet This is the second beer in our Single Hop Project series of IPAs. My goal for the series was to use varieties of hops that we already do use or plan use regularly, to learn each hop’s distinctive characteristics. However, I found these New Zealand grown Green Bullet hops online […]


Infinite Nugget Disappointing Development

We over anxiously drank the newest Infinite Nugget Imperial IPA batch last night.  It had only been bottled last Thursday and traditionally you need about two weeks for a beer to reach proper carbonation.  However occasionally you can drink it ahead of time and it’ll have all the carbonation it needs.  This was not the […]


NARBREW POLL: Are you ready for Spring Beers by now?

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Narbrewers are attending SAVOR!

We just purchased our tickets for SAVOR! For those of you who don’t know what SAVOR, you may remember it from an episode of Brewmasters on Discovery Channel.  Savor is a two-day event that features brewers from the best beer companies in the country sampling some of their signature beers as well as some new […]

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I am a Home Brewer…

Home brewing is a hobby and for some a lifestyle that is growing more and more popular every day.  Consumers are growing tired of how frequently we are being assaulted by ads from the big three (Miller, Coors, Anheuser-Busch).  They’ve also begun to recognize how laughable it is that an ad will promise the best […]

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