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Home Grown Hops!

A friend and co-worker of mine, whom we shall refer to as Bryce (because that’s his name), also happens to be a novice horticulturalist and craft beer enthusiast. Bryce is also a Narbrew Superfan, and has agreed to donate fresh picked hops from his upcoming fall harvest for use in some delicious Narbrew beer. At […]

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Why waste your grain?

Recently Narbrew unveiled it’s second iteration of Margarita Wit. This past weekend we celebrated Kristen Gill’s birthday and Cinco de Mayo with a keg of Narbrew’s wheat beer brewed with lime zest and agave nectar. To accompany the beer we had fajita cheese steaks – a delicious combination of onion, peppers, cheese and meat drenched […]

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Winter Beer Fest 2011!

For my girlfriend Kristen and I, this past weekend (February 12-13) was a time to celebrate our love…. for craft beer. Saturday at the Electric Factory was the Winter Beer Fest. Hoards of people gathered to celebrate and sip over seventy plus beers ranging from spicy winter beers to citrusy IPAs. For our session the […]

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Winter Beer Fest Feb 12th 2011! Narbrewers Attending

2011’s Winter Beer Fest has finally come… again.  It was originally supposed to take place in January but was postponed the night before for ‘Major Problems’.  I along with other beer lovers were devastated to hear this upsetting news.  Luckily a few days later they let us know when the rescheduled event was going to […]

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Drinking a Narbrew: Instruction Manual

Preparing to taste a beer is more difficult than popping the top and drowning your liver.  We’ve compiled a list of very important steps that every craft or home beer enthusiast should follow in order to properly begin your delicious journey. 1- Pry off cap. Pry off caps provide a better seal to protect our […]

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Homebrewing: On the surface

It occurs to me that there is really only one thing that most people will notice as they visit this blog.  To the majority of viewers this is a list of different styles of beers that Narbrew is creating from their home.  However, what you may not realize is that as we explore different styles […]

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What is the most important characteristic in your beer? POLL



A very important contribution to our ability to brew anything is our knowledge of beer. While compared to the vast majority of craft brewing enthusiasts, our collection of useful beer information is very minuscule. We don’t know the proper terms for tasting, nor do we know exactly what tastes taste like. However, just like the […]

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