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Malty McFly

This Irish Style Red Ale is our St. Patty’s Day gift to you! Malty McFly truly lives up to its name. A generous portion of British caramel and amber malts gives Malty McFly a delicious malty sweetness and toasty flavor, while a touch of roasted barley balances it out with a slightly dry finish. Fermented […]


Single Hop Project

As much as I love to go overboard and create needlessly complex recipes with many different types of malts, hops, fruits, spices, dog hair, etc., producing beers with more layers of flavor and complexity than I’ll ever be able to detect, sometimes one needs to step back and simplify. Thus we have the Single Hop […]

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La Fin Du Narb

One of my favorite things about home brewing is I get to make whatever kind of beer I want. I can choose to brew within the parameters of a certain style, or completely ignore style guidelines altogether. Typically I have a specific flavor in mind so I find the right style to start with as […]

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Drinking a Narbrew: Instruction Manual

Preparing to taste a beer is more difficult than popping the top and drowning your liver.  We’ve compiled a list of very important steps that every craft or home beer enthusiast should follow in order to properly begin your delicious journey. 1- Pry off cap. Pry off caps provide a better seal to protect our […]

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Honey-Money Stout (updated)

An American Stout. Brewed with copious amounts of roasted dark malts, it has delicious coffee and chocolate notes, while the clover honey and honey malt contribute sweetness and a dry finish. I will admit that stouts are not for everyone, but I highly recommend that you at least gives this a try. UPDATE(1/17/11): Status: Just […]

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Margarita Wit

Margarita Wit is a fresh twist on the classic Witbier style. Brewed with lime zest, coriander and paradise seeds, agave nectar, and New Zealand Motueka hops, Margarita Wit is both complex and refreshing. Perfect for a sunny afternoon! 5.2% ABV       16 IBU Fermentables: Wheat, 2-Row Pale, and Honey malts, Organic Agave Nectar Hops: Motueka hops […]

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RW2 is the second generation of our American wheat beer, Riwaka Wheat. Riwaka Wheat gets its name from the New Zealand grown Riwaka hops used in the recipe for flavor and aroma. The Riwaka hops contribute a citrusy, grapefruit quality to the beer, complementing the flavor provided by a touch of coriander, orange peel, and […]

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German Assassin

Named after a bar regular at my old stomping ground, Uno Chicago Grill, German Assassin is a pseudo-Schwarzbier (German Black Lager). I say ‘pseudo’ because our version is not really a lager. To simulate the lager experience we used a clean fermenting ale yeast, and fermented it at the coolest temperatures our humble castle will […]


Return of the German Assassin, and others

After a short holiday break Narbrew is back to brewing! The new year will see many new, delicious Narbrews, as well as the return of some classics. As I type this Eric is brewing his second generation batch of Infinite Nugget IPA. The next old friend to pay a visit will be the German Assassin. […]

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Holiday Hefeweizen

Holiday Hefeweizen On a cold, rainy fall day in 2009 I was out on a run training for the Philly Marathon. Naturally, I was thinking about Christmas and beer. It was then that I had the idea for Holiday Hefeweizen. I didn’t know exactly what should go into the beer to add the “holiday”, but I […]

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