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We brew Hoperion once a year to welcome and celebrate the summer solstice. Named after Hyperion, the Greek Titan god of light, this beer is a tribute to the sun’s magical rays, without which malt and hops would not exist. And without malt and hops, there would be no beer. And without beer… well, let’s […]

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Vlad the Impaler Imperial IPA

We called this beer “Vlad the Impaler” for a reason. The historical figure whose name we adopted for this beer was not known for promoting peace and harmony. That said, the term “well-balanced” did not cross our minds when formulating the recipe for this beer. To be honest, we really made this beer for ourselves […]

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Flight of the Hopchords

It’s business time folks! Come relieve some of that inner-city pressure with a liquid tribute to the Rhymenocerous and Hip-Hopopotamus. This aromatic India Pale Ale is hopped with 3 varieties of New Zealand hops: Rakau, Motueka, and Green Bullet. These unique hops provide tropical flavors and aromas of passionfruit, mango, peach, lemon and lime, and […]

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Peach Buzz

This is more than a fruit beer. Peach Buzz packs the hop punch of a pale ale and the smooth, sweet malty-ness of a hearty portion of wheat malt. To finish it off we fermented it with 4 lbs of peaches in the secondary. To sum it up, Peach Buzz is a Peach Pale Wheat […]

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Curve is our ode to the Belgian Trippel, a style of beer that originated in the Trappist breweries of Belgium. As these beers were traditionally brewed by monks we thought it would be appropriate to name our Trippel after the most pious person we know, a person known simply as “Curve” to most. Similar to […]

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Holy Water IPA

If I started a cult it would worship the almighty hop. At every cult gathering we would give praises to this wonderful flower, and drink copious amounts of Holy Water IPA. Holy Water IPA was brewed with more than double the amount of hops of a standard IPA, but over 90% of the hops were […]


Home Grown Hops!

A friend and co-worker of mine, whom we shall refer to as Bryce (because that’s his name), also happens to be a novice horticulturalist and craft beer enthusiast. Bryce is also a Narbrew Superfan, and has agreed to donate fresh picked hops from his upcoming fall harvest for use in some delicious Narbrew beer. At […]

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Local Doofus

We’re calling this an extra pale ale. Other appropriate names for this beer would be hop juice, hop water, awesomeness, etc. Basically, what we were shooting for here was an alternative to the high alcohol hop bombs that most craft brewers are producing to satisfy hopheads. Being hopheads ourselves, we do not dislike said hopbombs, […]

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Black Sheep

Having trouble choosing¬† what type of beer you want? Can’t decide between the roasty coffee-like flavors of a Porter, or the blast of west coast hops provided by an American IPA? Solution!¬† Black Sheep is the perfect trifecta of roasted black malts, sweet caramel malts, and citrusy American hops. Often given the contradictory label “Black […]

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SHP Green Bullet

Single Hop Project: Green Bullet This is the second beer in our Single Hop Project series of IPAs. My goal for the series was to use varieties of hops that we already do use or plan use regularly, to learn each hop’s distinctive characteristics. However, I found these New Zealand grown Green Bullet hops online […]