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Become a NARBREW Taste Tester

A few weeks ago we had our first public tasting and had a great response to our beer. We’ve always known our beer is awesome, but it was nice to have some outside opinions. Now we’d like to delve deeper into public opinion. As we fine tune our recipes and brewing techniques we’d like to […]

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Narberth Librewery 2012

We did it!  We finally proved that Beer and Books make for a perfect combination.  The turnout was more than double what the Library expected, meaning the number people who were able to experience Narbrew far surpassed what we had anticipated.  The Merion Tribute House was packed with enthusiastic beer tasters from the area who […]

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Zenbier, named after the wheat based Bavarian style Hefeweizen, was created to provide a lighter, less hoppy alternative to the bigger IPAs we had been brewing at the time.  It’s now in it’s 2nd Generation and is quickly becoming one of the more sought after narbrews.  This is a style that transcends seasons, but you […]

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NARBREW Public Tasting!

We’ve been posting our beers and brewing progress for the past year and a half. However only our friends and coworkers have had the ability to try some of the beer we’ve made. The average Facebook fan or blog checker can only read about the beer we’ve been creating….. UNTIL NOW! WE HAVE HUGE NEWS! […]

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Brew Tour: Brooklyn Brewery

Between the best seats at the Jimmy Fallon show and listening to Peter Parker sing, my family and I went on a trip to Brooklyn Brewery. The frigid conditions outside would have made the warm interior enticing even if they didn’t have beer.  We made it through the entrance and hoped to be welcomed with […]

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Mad Elf Fest V: Narbrews on Tap

Our fifth annual Mad Elf Fest Christmas party has come and gone leaving us all with beautiful memories of a party with our friends.  Unfortunately because of the keg of the very potent Troegs Mad Elf Ale we were all sharing, we’ll only be able to remember the beginning of the party.  Surprisingly it wasn’t […]

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Brew Tour: Troegs “T2” Brewery

We at Narbrew have always been huge fans of Troegs Brewery.  In fact, our annual Christmas bashtacular is themed around enjoying their Mad Elf Ale.  Harrisburg has been Troegs home for 14 years, a convenient ten minute drive from our hometown in central PA.  This past year however, they’ve upgraded and moved their production to […]

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Homebrewing Laws

Everyone knows what it’s like to be kept down by “the Man”. Zoning permits, parking tickets, taxes, everything meant to keep big business on top and us normal folk struggling. Occasionally we all have a chance to fight back and change our world in tiny insignificant ways. Our way of sticking it to the man […]

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Narbrew in the Philadelphia Inquirer!

Earlier this week we posted about Narbrew’s article on  Today we found out that the article carried over to the Philadelphia Inquirer’s business section.  I’ll be re-reading it tomorrow for inspiration while brewing a batch of CranMerry Christmas.  Thanks again to Ashley Nguyen for publishing our passion.  See the link below.

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Narbrew article on

Last Tuesday while brewing the first of our Christmas deliciousness we had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ashley Nguyen from as part of their neighborhood feature.   We talked as we cooked and although I thought we were clearly boring Ashley with beer speak, she sat and scribbled with a smile.  Tonight we were […]