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Become a NARBREW Taste Tester

A few weeks ago we had our first public tasting and had a great response to our beer. We’ve always known our beer is awesome, but it was nice to have some outside opinions. Now we’d like to delve deeper into public opinion. As we fine tune our recipes and brewing techniques we’d like to […]

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Narberth Librewery 2012

We did it!  We finally proved that Beer and Books make for a perfect combination.  The turnout was more than double what the Library expected, meaning the number people who were able to experience Narbrew far surpassed what we had anticipated.  The Merion Tribute House was packed with enthusiastic beer tasters from the area who […]

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Flight of the Hopchords

It’s business time folks! Come relieve some of that inner-city pressure with a liquid tribute to the Rhymenocerous and Hip-Hopopotamus. This aromatic India Pale Ale is hopped with 3 varieties of New Zealand hops: Rakau, Motueka, and Green Bullet. These unique hops provide tropical flavors and aromas of passionfruit, mango, peach, lemon and lime, and […]

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Peach Buzz

This is more than a fruit beer. Peach Buzz packs the hop punch of a pale ale and the smooth, sweet malty-ness of a hearty portion of wheat malt. To finish it off we fermented it with 4 lbs of peaches in the secondary. To sum it up, Peach Buzz is a Peach Pale Wheat […]

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Zenbier, named after the wheat based Bavarian style Hefeweizen, was created to provide a lighter, less hoppy alternative to the bigger IPAs we had been brewing at the time.  It’s now in it’s 2nd Generation and is quickly becoming one of the more sought after narbrews.  This is a style that transcends seasons, but you […]

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