Mad Elf Fest V: Narbrews on Tap

Our fifth annual Mad Elf Fest Christmas party has come and gone leaving us all with beautiful memories of a party with our friends.  Unfortunately because of the keg of the very potent Troegs Mad Elf Ale we were all sharing, we’ll only be able to remember the beginning of the party.  Surprisingly it wasn’t the Mad Elf beer we heard the most about this year, it was the four “corny kegs” of Narbrew on tap that many guests seemed to be talking about.

Last year we debuted a keg of “Cranmerry Christmas Brown Ale” at Mad Elf 4 and had only a few bottles of our “Holiday Hefeweizen”, and “Wassail Wassale!” for sampling.  This year we stepped it up and had four different kegs of Narbrew available for guests.

Holiday Heffeweizen

Wassail Wassale!

Cranmerry Christmas Brown Ale

Zenbier – Weizen style beer

Thank you to everyone who came to Mad Elf Fest V this year!  If you had a chance to taste any of these Narbrews, Please leave any comments on this page or on the beer’s style page.


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