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Brew Tour: Brooklyn Brewery

Between the best seats at the Jimmy Fallon show and listening to Peter Parker sing, my family and I went on a trip to Brooklyn Brewery. The frigid conditions outside would have made the warm interior enticing even if they didn’t have beer.  We made it through the entrance and hoped to be welcomed with […]

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Holy Water IPA

If I started a cult it would worship the almighty hop. At every cult gathering we would give praises to this wonderful flower, and drink copious amounts of Holy Water IPA. Holy Water IPA was brewed with more than double the amount of hops of a standard IPA, but over 90% of the hops were […]


Mad Elf Fest V: Narbrews on Tap

Our fifth annual Mad Elf Fest Christmas party has come and gone leaving us all with beautiful memories of a party with our friends.  Unfortunately because of the keg of the very potent Troegs Mad Elf Ale we were all sharing, we’ll only be able to remember the beginning of the party.  Surprisingly it wasn’t […]

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