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Homebrewing Laws

Everyone knows what it’s like to be kept down by “the Man”. Zoning permits, parking tickets, taxes, everything meant to keep big business on top and us normal folk struggling. Occasionally we all have a chance to fight back and change our world in tiny insignificant ways. Our way of sticking it to the man […]

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Narbrew in the Philadelphia Inquirer!

Earlier this week we posted about Narbrew’s article on  Today we found out that the article carried over to the Philadelphia Inquirer’s business section.  I’ll be re-reading it tomorrow for inspiration while brewing a batch of CranMerry Christmas.  Thanks again to Ashley Nguyen for publishing our passion.  See the link below.

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Narbrew article on

Last Tuesday while brewing the first of our Christmas deliciousness we had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ashley Nguyen from as part of their neighborhood feature.   We talked as we cooked and although I thought we were clearly boring Ashley with beer speak, she sat and scribbled with a smile.  Tonight we were […]