Local Doofus

We’re calling this an extra pale ale. Other appropriate names for this beer would be hop juice, hop water, awesomeness, etc. Basically, what we were shooting for here was an alternative to the high alcohol hop bombs that most craft brewers are producing to satisfy hopheads. Being hopheads ourselves, we do not dislike said hopbombs, but rather find that after 3 or 7 of them we don’t feel too great the next day. What we wanted was a deliciously hoppy beer that was low enough in alcohol that it wouldn’t turn us into the local doofus.

We named this beer after our good friend Dale, also known as the Beast, or the Local Doofus. Dale’s Pale Ale was already taken, and I’m sure we’ve all had some rough college nights enjoying a few too many ‘Beasts’. Thus we settled on Local Doofus.

5.1% ABV  41 IBU

Fermentables: 2-Row Pale, Vienna, Crystal 20L, Honey malts

Kettle Hops: Amarillo, Simcoe

Dry Hops: Cascade

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