SHP Green Bullet

Single Hop Project: Green Bullet

This is the second beer in our Single Hop Project series of IPAs. My goal for the series was to use varieties of hops that we already do use or plan use regularly, to learn each hop’s distinctive characteristics. However, I found these New Zealand grown Green Bullet hops online and couldn’t resist buying them. Then I had to brew something with them, so I figured a single hop beer would be a great way to test them out!

Although I just learned of its existence, the Green Bullet breed of hop has been around almost 4 decades, and is very popular  in New Zealand brewing. It has a higher alpha acid content which makes it great for bittering, but also provides fruity, spicy, and floral flavor characteristics.

To make SHP Green Bullet I stayed true to my original goal and used the same recipe as I did for Cavalcade of Cascade (changing the hop variety of course). I made some minor changes in the mashing process and due to the fact that I cannot control the temperature in my shack, fermentation temperatures were slightly different. As a result of these changes (or maybe just dumb luck) the Green Bullet IPA had a better mash efficiency and attenuation, resulting in a bit higher alcohol content than Cavalcade of Cascade.

Tasting notes: The Green Bullet IPA should have just as much hop flavor and aroma as Cavalcade of Cascade, and according to my calculations should have more IBUs. However, I feel it has less hop flavor and is actually less bitter than Cavalcade of Cascade. The Green Bullet hops do provide a nice fruity and spicy character, which is balanced by a subtle malt sweetness. I will report back with more after I conduct several dozen more taste tests.

– Jeremy

  1. #1 by Bob on October 20, 2011 - 7:55 PM

    What is the date of your post? Where did you buy the Green Bullet from ? Were you using Whole Cones or pellets?

    • #2 by jeremy on November 27, 2011 - 7:05 PM

      I believe I posted this around May 22. I bought the hops from Since New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere their hop harvest is during our spring. I actually bought the last few ounces of Green Bullets they had, so they probably won’t get any more in until this spring. They are a very interesting hop, so I definitely recommend trying to get your hands on some! Oh, and I used pellets.

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