Why waste your grain?

Recently Narbrew unveiled it’s second iteration of Margarita Wit. This past weekend we celebrated Kristen Gill’s birthday and Cinco de Mayo with a keg of Narbrew’s wheat beer brewed with lime zest and agave nectar. To accompany the beer we had fajita cheese steaks – a delicious combination of onion, peppers, cheese and meat drenched in a special marinade containing Margarita Wit, all loaded into rolls which were home-made with the spent grains left over from brewing the beer. Entertaining guests kept me occupied for the majority of the day so I missed out on photos of the actual Chicken Fajita Cheese Steaks but here is a photo of the kneading process.

For tips on how to utilize spent grains to make bread or other recipes check out the spent grain article in American Homebrewers Association’s Zymurgy magazine or this link on their website.

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