NARBREW CONTEST: What is your introduction to Craft Beer story?

I am officially announcing the first contest for

No one who is interested in Craft Beer was born with a Belgian beer in their hand.  In fact due to a combination of prohibition, war, and ad campaigns beer has had limited variety until about 30 years ago.  This meant that most people who are excited about creative brews have transitioned to it from the light beer monotony that overran our nation’s taps.  What has always excited me is hearing other people’s stories about what beer, person, or experience ignited their interest in leaving the yellow corn water beers behind in pursuit of taste and quality ingredients in their beer.  I love hearing the stories so much that I thought I’d open up our site to know how and what craft beer may have change the course of your bar tabs forever.

Submit in at least a few sentences, or a video (Vimeo/YouTube), the saga of how you came to like craft beer.  We’ll review the submissions and the best story will receive a Narbrew Six-Pack with a variety of available brews.  We have a full staff of fact checkers on our payroll so make sure everything is a truthful.  You can submit your entry on Facebook under the Discussions tab or by emailing us at  Mention if you’d like to remain anonymous and we’ll give you a wicked awesome pseudonym like Anonymonster or Tyler Durden.  Go into as little or as much detail as possible.  MUST BE 21 TO ENTER

Now grab your favorite craft beer (Or even better, one you’ve never tasted) and start writing.  We’ll post entries as they come in.

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